Sonny Perdue

Secretary of Agriculture

  •  2002 Georgia State Ethics Commission forces him to return $10,000 he had illegally transferred from his Senate Campaign account to his gubernatorial campaign fund. (source)
  • 5/15/03 Demotes the head of the Georgia State Patrol Aviation unit after he refused to install a second flight stick on a helicopter so that Governor Perdue could fly. (source)(source) Perdue lies under oath claiming that he never ordered the demotion despite multiple witness testimonies to the contrary. (source)
  • 2005 Georgia State Ethics Commission forces him to return $18,000 in illegal contributions and pay a fine of $1,900. (source)
  • 9/30/06 Reported that top executives of Diebold corporation, Republican-owned manufacturer of voting machines, ordered workers to install secret files in 5,000 of Georgia’s electronic voting machines shortly before the 2002 election. (source)
  • 11/13/07 Leads a group of several hundred people in a prayer for rain on the steps of the Georgia state Capitol. "We’ve come together here simply for one reason and one reason only: To very reverently and respectfully pray up a storm." "God, we need you; we need rain" (source)
  • 8/17/06 Purchases $2 million of land from a wealthy Republican donor who he had appointed to the State Board of Economic Development. The land is six miles away from land slated for a toll road near Disneyland. (source)
  • 10/28/06 Acquires 101 acres through a shell company and does not disclose the purchase for two years, as required by Georgia law. The land contains pristine forest that is slated for development. (source)
  • 2007 Opposes an effort by African-American state legislators to pass a resolution to issue a public apology for Georgia’s participation in the slave trade. (source)
  • 2010 A Mason-Dixon Polling and Research poll reports that he received a 45% approval rating upon leaving the Georgia governor’s office. (source)
  • 5/8/14 In a National Review op-ed, criticizes attempts by “some on the left or in the mainstream media” to connect climate change to weather events. “Liberals have lost all credibility when it comes to climate science because their arguments have become so ridiculous and so obviously disconnected from reality.” (source)
  • 1995-2014 As a fertilizer salesmen, has received over $275,000 in farm subsidies from the USDA. (source)

As Secretary of Agriculture of the U.S.

  • Announces that the USDA will roll back school lunch standards championed by Michelle Obama. (Hill)
  • 9/21/17 Appointees to the Agriculture Department include a long-haul truck drier, a country club cabana attendant and the owner of a scented candle company. (Politico)
  • 11/30/17 Rolls back Michelle Obama's efforts to increase fruit and vegetables and decrease sodium and fat in school food by delaying the standards by "at least" three years and indicated that they would likely rewrite the standards altogether. (
  • 12/15/17 Announces plans to lift the requirement that egg producers allow chickens to roam free in order to earn an organic rating. (Dept of Agriculture announcement)(NPR)
  • 12/26/18 The Department of Agriculture reports that staffing for Food and Nutrition services, which includes Child Nutrition, SNAP and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children will be slashed by 95%. (CNN)