Trump's Ancestry

(Source if not noted otherwise: 'Trump Revealed' by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher. (WaPo))


Paternal Grandfather Friedrich Trumpf:

  • 3/14/1869 Born Raised in Kallstadt, Palatinate, Kingdom of Bavaria, possibly as Friedrich Drumpf. (Snopes)(NYT)
  • 1885 Dodging German military service, emigrates to the U.S. at age 16.
  • 1891 Heads to Seattle in 1891 with money earned as a barber, changes his name to “Trump.”
  • Sets up a food-and-lodging operation known as the Poodle Dog and renamed Dairy Restaurant, operating amongst pimps and gamblers of the district.
  • 1892 Friedrich is granted U.S. citizenship.
  • Builds a hotel in Monte Cristo, in the Cascade Range of Washington state and places questionable claims that granted him mineral rights.
  • 1896 wins election for justice of the peace of Monte Cristo.
  • Soon joins the gold rush in the Yukon Territory of Canada and opens a food and lodging operation with a partner called the Arctic, later renamed the White Horse. This hotel is described in the Yukon Sun in 1900 essentially as a whorehouse for miners. (Kranish)(CBCNews)
  • 1901 Sells his rights to the White Horse just as authorities begin cracking down on vice.
  • Returns to Kallstadt, Germany for a family visit and meets Elizabeth Christ. Returns a year later to marry her.
  • 1904 They have their first child, Elizabeth.
  • Fred Trump attempts to repatriate to Germany with some considerable wealth but authorities discover his draft-dodging from 1885 and banish him from Germany despite his begging to stay.
  • 1905 Relocates to South Bronx.
  • October 11, 1905 Frederick Christ Trump (Donald Trump’s father) is born.
  • Returns to cutting hair on 60 Wall Street end eventually becomes a hotel manager, moves to Queens, New York.
  • Dies at age 49 of a flu pandemic, leaving a considerable estate.


Father Frederick ("Fred") Trump:

  • Fred's dad dies when he’s age 12.
  • Mother Elizabeth makes herself head of a real estate business called E. Trump & Son.
  • Fred constructs his first home at 17 and uses the profits to build one after another.
  • 5/30/27 Twenty-one-year-old Fred Trump joins the tens of thousands who attend a KKK parade. Arrested in a melee with police.
  • Methodically builds his empire in rapidly expanding Queens, expanding into grocery stores during the Depression. Begins to pick up distressed properties on the verge of foreclosure.
  • 1935 At age 30 meets a maid named Mary Anne MacLeod, age 23 at a party. She was born into poverty in the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles) off the coast of Scotland and had emigrated to the U.S. as a teenager.
  • 1/23/36 Marries Mary in Manhattan, then back to work at what is now called “Trump Holding Corp.”
  • Promotes the sale of his houses during World War II from a 65-foot yacht with thousands of huge toy balloon fish which result in a near riot as people tried to catch one for themself. Each fish contains a coupon for use with the purchase of one of his houses.
  • 6/14/46 Mary bears a fourth of out five children, named Donald John Trump
  • Would pick up unused nails at his construction sites and return them to carpenters and saved money on floor cleanser by ordering lab analyses of store-bought products and recreating the formulas at home.
  • 1954 Is called to testify before Congress about a government-insured loan, in which he borrowed $3.5 million more than needed. Claims he was merely being efficient, and escapes charges. (p.53)
  • 1966 Faces allegations of netting a windfall of $1.8 million. Hand-waives the amount as being small money compared to the $60 million in construction costs, and escapes charges. (p.53)
  • 1975-1978 Accosted along with Donald by the Justice Department for not complying with the 1975 settlement regarding racial discrimination of renters. (pp.68-69)(DailyBeast)
  • September 1976 Arrested on the spot for code violations at the 504-unit development Gregory Estates, including broken windows, rotted rain gutters, no fire-prevention equipment, etc. Pays $3,640 in fines. (p.68)
  • Always told his son Donald that he was a “king” and needed to be a “killer."