Jay Clayton

Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Partner at Sullivan and Cromwell, Goldman Sachs’ go-to law firm for over a century. (source)
    • Clayton’s wife Gretchen is employed by Goldman Sachs (source)
    • Goldman Sachs regularly receives waivers on SEC rules by request. (source)(example)
  • 2007 Advises Bear Stearns in its fire sale to JPMorgan Chase (source)
  • 2007 Represents Och-Ziff Capital Management, a unit of which pleaded guilty for paying $100 million in bribes to African countries. Individuals are still under investigation. (source) (SEC document)
  • 2008 Advises Barclays Capital in buying the assets of Lehman Brothers, the “greatest bank robbery you never heard of.” (source)(source)
  • 2011 Chairs a NYC bar association committee that publishes a report arguing that the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which outlaws bribery abroad, causes lasting harm to U.S. competitiveness. (the report)
  • 2013 Works on the $25 billion initial public offering of Alibaba Group of China, which is under investigation by the SEC over its accounting practices. (source)