Dan Coats

Director of National Intelligence

  • 1993 Co-authors the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. (source) Equates permitting openly gay service with condoning sexual harassment. (source)
  • 1993 Opposes the nomination of lesbian civil righst lawyer Roberta Achtenberg as assistant secretary of housing on account of her sexual orientation. (source)
  • 1993 Votes against the Hate Crimes Statistics Act, a bill that sought to merely track and study bias-motivated violence. (source)
  • August 1998 Publically questions President Clinton’s cruise missile attacks on Afghanistan and Sudan, suggesting they were a deliberate distraction from the Lewinsky scandal. (source)
  • 2002 As ambassador to Germany, pressures its government to not oppose the U.S. invasion of Iraq, threatening bad relations with the U.S. (source)
  • 2007 After serving as a U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator and U.S. Ambassador to Germany, works for Cooper Industries, a company that relocated to Bermuda to avoid American taxes, to lobby against closing a tax loophole that would cost Cooper Industries hundreds of millions in taxes. (source)
  • April 2013 Votes against bill which would have expanded background checks for gun buyers. (source)
  • March 2014 Presses President Obama to punish Russia for its illegal annexation of Crimea, and gets banned from travel to Russia. (source)